Thanksgiving Eating Tips for a Healthy Prostate

As we enter into this time of Thanksgiving, there are many great foods that will be on the table and leftovers in the refrigerator.

Fred Hutch, with 40 years of cures shares some tips for prostate health this Thanksgiving season:

“Vegetables: Which ones and how many?
Your mother was right about eating vegetables—they really are good for you. Just three servings of vegetables each day—especially cruciferous ones like broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower and brussels sprouts—cut the risk of prostate cancer by almost half, according to Hutchinson Center research. While all vegetables help decrease risk, cruciferous vegetables are the heavyweights.

It’s believed that vegetables protect against cancer because they contain a wide variety of phytochemicals, many of which increase enzyme activity to detoxify cancer-promoting compounds in the body.

To add more vegetables to your routine, try:

Vegetable juice at breakfast or lunch.
Vegetables in your eggs at breakfast.
Salad or vegetable soup at lunch.
Raw veggies, like carrots or broccoli, for snacks.
Extra vegetables in pasta dishes and casseroles.
Vegetarian main dish for dinner.”

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