Product FAQs

Product FAQs

What is Prostatection?

Prostatection is an all-natural organic supplement specifically designed to optimize your prostate health.

How often should I take Prostatection?

One pill two times per day or some people prefer to take two pills at bedtime.

What if I miss a dose?

Do not worry, it is ok to take Prostatection as soon as you remember and then continue a normal dose regime. If you miss multiple doses just start over at the recommended dose regime.

How long will it take Prostatection to start working?

Prostatection starts working at dose one; however, it may take several days to weeks for you to notice a change in your urinary symptoms.

Should I continue taking Prostatection when I am feeling better?

Yes…If you discontinue taking Prostatection, you may see recurrence of symptoms and you will no longer be supporting your prostate health.

What side effects have been associated with Prostatection?

Trials have shown that Prostatection is an all-natural organic supplement that has no untoward effects. (i.e. no proven side effects)

Will Prostatection interact with any of my medications?

Prostatection is an organic all natural supplement that has not been shown to have interactions with any other medications. If you have further questions, please contact your physician.

Do I need to stop Prostatection before any surgery or dental procedure?

No…Prostatection has no effect on thinning your blood and, thus, does not have to be stopped.

Can I take Prostatection with my other daily vitamins and other daily prescription prostate medications?

Yes…Prostatection is shown to work synergistically (alongside) you’re other supplements and prostate prescription.

Can I take Prostatection if I have prostate cancer?

Yes…While Prostatection has not been shown to treat prostate cancer, it will not have any adverse effects on your prostate cancer or your treatment regime. If you have further questions please contact your physician.

Can I take Prostatection if I already have an enlarged prostate?

Yes…Prostatection was specifically designed to help your enlarged prostate.

I don’t think that I have a prostate disorder; will I still see benefits from taking Prostatection?

Yes… Prostatection was specifically design to keep your prostate healthy.

Can I take Prostatection if I am a diabetic?

Yes, Prostatection is sugar free.

Will Prostatection effect my erections?

No… Prostatection has not been shown to help or have any adverse effects on erectile function.